A pen and pencil sketch of the boat 'Alexa' inspired by Billy Joel's song The Downeaster Alexa.
A pen and pencil sketch of a skateboard as an exploded diagram
A coloured up version of the exploded skateboard deck
A coloured pen sketch of a pocket watch pierced by a needle which pulls the number 9. Based on the famous saying 'A stitch in time saves nine'
A sketch of a VW Caddy pickup with a mountain bike standing in the back. Produced for a shop based in Bournemouth to adorn t-shirts and hoodies
A coloured sketch of three men on bicycles based on me and my three brothers. Each drawing illustrates the nick names our mum gave us when we were young. Jack the hat, Dale the snail and Ryan he lion.
A coloured sketch of a vintage Indian Scout motorbike
A detailed close up of the Indian motorbike in progress.
Expanding the Indian motorbike sketch to accommodate the saying 'To many chiefs not enough indians'.
A detailed shot of the pencil drawing of a Indian chief
The finished Indian piece shows an Indian and his chief sat on the back of a Indian motorcycle
A detailed, close up shot of a sketch of the Titanic sinking
The finished Titanic piece all coloured up and the phrase 'Worse things have happened at sea' curling around the illustration.
Digital illustration of Northcote Manor, Devon with a white Morris Minor parked in the drive
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