Altitude Aesthetics hand drawn typography logo
Altitude Aesthetics angular logo
Eaton Aerospace ID logo
Redesigned motorcycle club logo - Einherjar
Odd Marketing logo. Combined M and lightbulb
Odd Marketing rejected concept logo. Ice flow melting to form the owners initials O and M
A logo saying Ride on Nelly designed for a charity cycle sportive race based in Hampshire
Business consultant's logo. Based on the texture of a scrumpled letter. Geometric design
R P timber concept logo based on the letters R and P intertwining together and forming the stump of a tree
R P timber 2nd concept logo. The intertwined R and P feature again but this time set into a cut tree stump
Sports GiG logo. Designed for a sports app. Combines the letter GIG with the centre I forming a golf tee with ball on top
The Bunch Club logo. Designed for a football team that play in Hong Kong and who won their championship in 2014
Designed for a cycling cafe for one of their pieces of machinery 'The Wrap Master'. Uses the face of Andre 3000.
Rejected circular typographic logo design for the Australian band 'Yes Sir Noceur'
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