Amy first contacted me through Instagram regarding the possibility of designing her a logo that she could use on her social media channels and website. With the aim to eventually have business cards and stationery to match. She had seen other logos of mine on my portfolio that used a simple line stroke and wondered if that could be used in her design. Ideally Amy wanted something that would reflect the name to the business, but also something that was simple and easily recognisable when viewed smaller on her social media pages.
I based the concept designs on a shortened version of her business name to L&A and worked on several ideas combining the L and A together as a typologo. Unfortunately this didn't quite produce the results we were after. From this I suggested representing the word 'love' with a heart and then trying to incorporate an 'A' into it. This produced a much cleaner and visually memorable logo and after three concepts we had the final design.
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